ClangBSD collects itself

    The process described at seemed to be too slow, or completely dead. Recently, however, a message from Roman Divacky appeared on the newsletter that ClangBSD successfully builds itself on tier 1 platforms (i386 and amd64).

    In short, ClangBSD is an attempt to build the core and world of FreeBSD using the clang compiler, which in turn is the frontend to LLVM. As you know, FreeBSD still uses GCC version 4.2.1, because subsequent versions changed the license. Clang has a BSD license, and also has many other goodies.
    The project had problems building libstdc ++, but now they are overcome. The only known bug is that the OS loader exceeds the permissible size of the executable file. So far, there is a workaround - build a bootloader without UFS1 support.

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