Joomla customer mini review

    It so happened that I came across a person who found it difficult to explain how the administrative panel (hereinafter referred to as the “admin” for simplicity) is arranged by my beloved Joomla. The fact is that the admin panel is overloaded with superfluous information for the manager, and even when you limit the level of the user there are many questions, and this person is not used to working with web interfaces due to his age.
    At that moment I was thinking about writing a certain client for the jumla, but the search pointed me to a couple of projects about which I want to tell. Well, let's get down to business, gentlemen.

    Official Website:
    A foreign project using Adobe Air. Cross platform. A stylish design, a set of functions for the manager and no more, would suit perfectly for my purposes if Russian were present.

    When launching the application, we are greeted by such a window on which there is a list of sites for quick access. Going to the settings (Options button) we get into the site manager, from where that list is typed in the main menu. Next, we simply add the site, enter the settings, select the Joomla version (yes, two branches 1.0 and 1.5 are supported) and click ok. We check the settings of the application itself, select the language (there is no Russian yet, I sent the translation to the author) and color to taste.

    We return to the main menu and go to the site we added. We are faced with a choice of three points: Add article, article manager and media manager. Well, let's go in order, the interface for adding articles speaks for itself, it uses FCKeditor, nothing remarkable, but nothing more. It’s nice to work. The article manager is a regular list that allows you to delete, edit and copy articles, from here the status of publication of materials is also controlled. The media manager is convenient, though as austere as it is. Allows you to upload images in batches, which is very convenient. There is a preview of images, audio and video. (the preview picture is the first one that comes to hand) In general, a convenient and functional application for the manager.

    It requires the .NET Framework 3.5

    Joomlaposter for its work .
    Official website:
    Our Russian development, therefore the Russian interface, which made me very happy. Uses the .NET Framework 2.5.

    It supports not only Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5, but also Joostina. There are versions for 32 bit and for 64 bit Windows.

    The program meets us with a site manager similar to the previous one. Here you can find language and proxy settings, which is not supported in Blogg-X. The window for editing site settings is richer here. The component key is set in the Joomla admin panel and compared with the program, something like an access password. But the list of materials upsets the lack of a filter. Useful thing.

    But in Joomlaposter there is an editor for sections and categories, which Blogg-X cannot boast of. But it is made somewhat inconveniently, although this is just my opinion. Well, the heart of the - re d actor. The editor here is mine, as I understand it. The interface is in the tradition of Microsoft's latest fashion. It is quite convenient and can clean from unnecessary HTML junk. What can not but rejoice. Word loves to add a bunch of extra to the texts written in them. Adding pictures to the article occurs along with uploading to the site, and does not distract the user from creative work. I clicked to add a picture, I chose it, and my head does not hurt.

    Another huge plus of the editor is that you can save articles as drafts on your computer or write them offline and then upload to the site with a bundle by pressing just a couple of buttons.

    I also met on the Internet a client program for Android, but due to the lack of it, I did not study it.

    Instead of a conclusion,
    I personally settled on Joomlaposter, after all, the Russian language, the convenience of drafts, and so on. However, I will follow the development of Blogg-X and help as far as possible.

    Thanks for attention.

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