Forbes: “Young managers destroyed the culture of meetings”

    In the old days, a normal American manager held meetings up to 30 hours a week. Actually, this is still the norm in old-fashioned companies, where they have not yet introduced new-fangled little things like IM, twitter and blogs. But young, technically educated managers come to high positions in large companies and completely change the existing culture, Forbes magazine laments .

    It’s scary to imagine: it got to the point that at some companies the number of offline meetings fell to 2 (two) hours a week. The rest of the time, managers communicate via the Internet: an ongoing stream of discussions goes through e-mail, IM, and internal social media.

    With this approach, corporate culture is changing. Instead of the old model of total control, the principle of trust is used, when each employee works relatively autonomously. Professionals of the older generation do not feel very comfortable in such an atmosphere.

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