Transport of the future

    imageStanding in traffic jams in Moscow involuntarily wondering how long? And immediately afterwards the thought moves habitually - when, finally, will they make convenient teleportation? But while teleporting, everything is sad, so you start to think - what can be done with the current situation? Building a new world from scratch makes little sense to consider, realistic plans are our everything.
    Let’s imagine a little how we could establish our transport infrastructure in terms of personal vehicles.
    Actually, the prerequisites are as follows:
    1 A person is not perfect, automation can drive a lot better
    on average 2 Automation does not cope with emergency situations
    3 For automatic control, you need enough information about the outside world

    What you need to do:
    1 We supply our roads along their entire length with towers to combat the Chontian threat of the continuous exchange of information with cars, as well as to monitor the road and surroundings.
    2 We supply our cars with boxes that can:
    2.1 Keep in touch with the towers
    2.2 Get all the internal data about the car’s systems
    2.3 Optionally, drive a car

    How we can arrange everything:
    1 The car knows its exact position in space, and all 4 dimensions
    2 It communicates with the tower, knows the position of all other participants in the movement, receives data on their maneuvers
    3 Communicates with the tower, receives data on non-automated participants in the movement (cars without boxes, passers-by and dogs coming close to the road, etc.) and, accordingly, can take some preventive measures
    4 The car transmits to the tower the parameters of its movement both for internal systems - at what acceleration did ABS turn on (is rubber good), when did the stability control system start working, etc., and for external systems - a hole in the road, ice. Accordingly, the towers know how well the car systems work, they can predict the braking distance for it, the speed of safe cornering. In addition, knowing the parameters for the car and evaluating the compliance of its movement with these parameters, the system quickly understands what is currently the quality of the road surface and adapts the trajectories to be laid, speed, etc. Naturally, all with a large margin.
    5 The car box can choose: only transmit data to the tower; transfer data + advise; transmit data + advise + in emergency cases, according to the system, to perform maneuvers; fully control the car.
    Naturally, our bright dream is to exclude a person from the management process in general.
    What is more important - it is clear that a lot of attention is needed to non-automated participants in the movement. But towers see them, predict their trajectories and degree of predictability, and, on this basis, can adequately respond to them.
    It’s important to introduce boxes everywhere in cars.
    If we are transported to a brighter future, where people no longer drive cars, and automation does everything, then:
    1 You can drive at the optimum speed - if the car’s systems are normal, there are no unpredictable non-automated objects nearby — why shouldn't the car drive fast
    ? 2 Traffic lights are needed only for people to cross, and the system knows how long a sufficiently wide window will open in traffic, it will show at the traffic light, after how long the green person lights up, it will verify that people have managed to cross.
    3 All incomprehensible objects - a dog running out and rushing along the road, a child running out from behind a bus is tracked in advance, cars are slowed down in advance or transferred to other lanes. In any case, automation here can do everything no worse than humans

    In general, complete happiness and prosperity. In addition, you don’t need any hour, you can move towards this future slowly and systematically, gradually getting more and more additional advantages in organizing the movement.
    To paint too much, too lazy, if interested - let's discuss in the comments.
    Maybe for starters in Skolkovo do this? Anything better than flying VAZs :)

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