How to make money at vending machines: VendExpo 2010

    Vending machineContinuing the series of publications on the topic of vending in Russia, there are some beautiful photographs from the exhibition of vending novelties.

    Vending machines for coffee, snacks or even shoe covers are already more or less familiar to us and are found almost everywhere, so those who want to occupy a vacant niche may be interested in:
    • popcorn and cotton candy machine
    • vending machines with dinners
    • hot dog vending machines

    • upgrade to payment terminals (with books and disks)
    • machine gun with shoe covers putting them on their feet
    • juicer

    All the pictures and the story about the exhibition are under the cut, well.

    But for starters - a small lyrical digression about the meaning of such events and even this article itself.

    As the exhibition showed, the interest in the vending business is huge and only growing: there were a lot of people at the exhibition, both deputies and people who wanted to do new business came. And the organizers of VendExpo 2010 performed this task well: on a business program open for free access, almost all significant issues were discussed: taxes, law, laws, business development.

    Promoting such events is one of the keys to the success of a vending business in Russia - and, possibly, your success in it.

    Well, now the actual pictures from the exhibition.

    Upgrade to payment terminals - books and discs

    imageLet's start with an upgrade to payment terminals. People use such terminals often, a lot and with special enthusiasm. But who can resist the temptation to do two things at once - put money on a cell phone and purchase an interesting magazine or disk?

    The vending machine is connected to the payment terminal, after which a program is installed on the terminal that adds the function of selecting goods to the payment acceptance function. You can put disks, flash drives, magazines and the like utilities in the machine - up to 384 pieces.

    Fresh cotton candy

    In March this year, the Cotton Candy Factory was the biggest hit at an entertainment show in Las Vegas. While fresh cotton candy is being prepared in the bowels of the machine, Cotton Candy Factory entertains the client. One refueling of a vending machine will provide people with about three hundred servings of cotton wool - the operator only needs to fill in the water on time, fill in sugar and lay down sticks.

    The Russian company Domino went further - the developers created an automatic machine for making cotton candy with a much larger volume of containers for ingredients. Only one sugar can be poured into a domestic automatic machine 8 kg - against 5.5 kg from the Taiwanese Cotton Candy Factory, presented in the USA.

    While the machine is preparing fresh cotton candy, the client listens to music. Musical accompaniment is chosen by the owner of the machine - which is especially nice.

    Self-donning shoe covers

    Something like this:



    PS Business sausage is so business:


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