We joke about AlterMent, but use augmented reality in iPhone

    imageFriends, all with the first of April!

    Yes, AlterMent is an April Fools ’draw. We have not yet reached an agreement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and have not yet cooperated with Bell-ka.

    Although who knows ... “One-button phone” probably also began as a joke or a strange fantasy that no one took seriously at first at Apple.

    Separately, we want to emphasize that the augmented reality in AlterGeo for the iPhone is the pure truth. Everything that is shown in the video, you yourself can try on your iPhone (and soon on your Android). Is free. altergeo.ru/iphone

    By the way, we had the second version of the draw - the driver indicator in augmented reality AlterGeo for iPhone. You point the phone at the number of the car, and the marker “Gonshcheg”, “I bought the rights, I didn’t buy the ride” or “The country cottage” tells you what to expect from the driver. Have we made the right choice in favor of AlterMent? :)

    But from today, jokes aside. April will be a hot month for us - we plan to update AlterGeo for iPhone, Android, release a version for Windows Mobile, add a bonus game component, update a web service and much more. Now everything will be in earnest, but hopefully as unexpected and interesting as AlterMent.

    Have a good Friday and a good weekend!

    Your AlterGeo-exchanges .
    We are happy to accept all suggestions for improving AlterGeo at info@altergeo.ru

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