Technical "support" from MTS continues to please

    We do not cease to be surprised at the competence of “specialists” in technical support of MTS.

    March 30, 2010 we decided to use the free service to provide a detailed report on the balance sheet for the month, therefore, through our beloved "Internet Assistant" a request was sent.
    The response came in detail, but only in one day (03/30/2010). Of course, we can immediately assume that when sending the request we made a mistake and indicated the wrong period, but the whole ridiculous situation is that the choice of the interval is firmly fixed by the current month:

    They wrote to tech support:

    Sender's name: hidden
    MTS sender's mobile phone number: 919720xxxx

    Question text: when ordering a detailed report for the month (from March 1, 2010 to March 30, 2010), a report came for 1 day, March 30, 2010.
    in the contact center they advised to request again later (if possible, order no more than once a day), or call later in a few hours - "after 3-4 ...", because "Apparently this is a technical error, and now no one can explain why this happened."

    Could you explain what the problem of providing the claimed service in a normal volume is?

    I would like to receive an answer by e-mail.

    The “exhaustive” answer has actually arrived:

    Thank you for contacting the MTS OJSC Contact Center.

    Let me tell you that in order to draw up an application for your question, please indicate the following data:
    - subscriber number
    - password in the subscriber’s IP
    — date and time of the error
    — screenshot of the error \ or a detailed description of the error indicating in which section the error occurred.

    We are grateful to you for choosing our Company as a mobile operator.

    Marina Lebedeva,
    MTS - Your telecom operator
    Thank you for your cooperation!

    So why does the company management allocate huge money for the maintenance of such “specialists”?

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