Creating a self-help group

    Hello, dear Khabrovites!

    At the moment, the power and government structures of our state are doing everything possible to eliminate freedom of speech and the possibility of doing business in RuNet. An example of such actions is even the following two news:

    Many of you have heard about the rest, and some were not lucky to become victims of these actions.

    I would like to put forward for discussion a proposal to create a mutual assistance group. Many of us have familiar bloggers, journalists, news site editors. Also, some of us are popular bloggers, famous journalists and have their own Internet resources. Well, most have accounts on various portals and communities. If we join forces and begin to write to various communities, both Russian and Western, we will contact well-known bloggers and journalists, and indeed, begin to publish news about similar incidents from local forums to Western media, we can help our colleagues caught in trouble. To do this, we need to create a group of people who take the initiative to cover such incidents on all kinds of resources. We can also create a website,

    I propose to start today, our colleague komleff , now support is needed. If you agree and want to take part in this adventure, I suggest here and now plan our actions, as well as think out ways to communicate within the group (be it jabber, irc, etc)

    Thank you for your attention.

    upd. At the moment, two more people have expressed a desire to help. So far, there are three of us. Not very thick, given the comments on this topic.

    upd2. Transferred to the blog IT and politics

    upd3. Created a jabber-conference:

    upd4. Lord! According to the initial plan, to start work, you need:
    1. Web developer (to create the software part of the site, or having its own engine / experience with any existing engine)
    2. Designer (to design the site and related materials)
    3. Translators (any languages, as much as possible, but naturally primarily English)
    4. Copywriters (for composing messages and news)
    5. Hosting (preferably a place on the server (a little space) somewhere in a calm country)
    6. Lawyer (in the field of business)
    7. People with connections with bloggers, reporters, etc.

    Naturally, no one will pay for our work, we will not profit from this. But if you agree to participate in this, remember the possible consequences. Also keep in mind that if you got down to business, you need to finish it.

    upd5.People who want to participate in all this, I ask you to immediately forget about politics. No slogans, no ties with "opposition" organizations. Let's leave this dirty business to politicians. As soon as we talk about the overthrow of power, they will immediately put us on a par with those who disagree (I think I don’t need to explain how the ordinary population of the country treats them) and we won’t get any understanding and trust from people and the media. I also ask all those who have already unsubscribed about their desire to participate to write again (by post), because I think you need to think again before getting into it.

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