Hacker George Hotz apologizes to Linux community

    As we reported yesterday, in the new version of the firmware for the PlayStation 3, which will be released on April 1, the menu for installing alternative OSs will disappear. Company representatives on the corporate blog explained that this is done for security purposes.

    The story caused an unexpectedly big resonance. For example, 2211 comments have already been posted on this Sony USA blog post. And George Hotz himself in his blog apologized to the Linux community for the fact that its exploit (the first in the history of PS3) caused such unpleasant consequences.

    With the new firmware, we can no longer install the Linux distribution and turn the game console into a normal personal computer. But the Open Platformfor PS3 - what a good initiative it was! Directly on the Sony website there were links to distributions of Yellow Dog Linux, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu distributions and explained how to install them. After installing Linux, you could do the most incredible things with the console: from connecting a Wii remote to installing pirated games.

    However, the release of the first ever exploit for the PS3 a little earlier this year forced Sony to take such measures.

    via Technologizer

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