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    Valve decided to answer the players' questions, and the authors decided to voice the answers in their podcast .
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    Q: Will there be a game mode against each other?
    A: Only Co – Op

    Q: Will the heroine still remain silent or will she begin to participate in dialogues?
    A: She will not speak, but there will be more dialogs, new characters of the game will participate in them

    Q: Will new functions be added to the portal gun, for example, the third portal or something?
    A: No, the gun will remain as it is, but the world will change, it will provide more different possibilities. A new dimension will be added to the world. The physics of the portals themselves will be improved - all sorts of rays can penetrate into them, etc.

    Q: Some details about the game scenario surfaced, in particular, that one of the creators of Aperture Science transferred his “I” to the artificial intelligence of GladOS - is that true?
    A: There is fragmentary evidence that Cave Johnson, creator of Aperture Science, should be in Portal 2 as the main villain. In general, it is possible. Johnson is a crazy scientist and maybe he put his mind into GladOS. By the way, many, looking at the pictures, thought that Chell left the laboratory, that events in Portal 2 would unfold in some jungle - nothing like that. What is in the pictures is the same laboratory, but in hundreds of years. It is not you who left the laboratory, this vegetation penetrated inside. And we don't know if Chell will get out of the lab at the end.

    Q: Will there be other weapons besides the portal gun?
    A: No. No weapons, only portals.

    Q: Will there be other people in the game?
    A: No. Even in Co – Op mode, players control two robots. Chell is always alone, she does not know if there are living people in the laboratory and the rest of the world. On this occasion, Valve employees also said that we better not know the details, there will be very interesting surprises.

    Q: Will there be a game on the PS3?
    A: Unknown. It is precisely known what will be just for PC, Mac, XBox 360.

    Q: How is the Aperture Science laboratory related to the Half-Life world and is it connected at all?
    A: It stems from HL2 but it is unlikely that we will see G-Man there, etc. There will be some links to the world of HL but this is a separate game.

    Q: When do events happen in Portal 2?
    A: Portal 1 happens immediately after the events in HL2. Portal 2 - after hundreds of years. Chell goes through his trials in the laboratory again and again.

    Q: What are the chances that we will see P2 in Orange Boxing with TEam Fortress 2 and HL2: Episode 3?
    A: P2 is a separate product that does not need to be applied to any box sets. The portal was an experiment last time, but now Valve is putting a full stake on it. The time for playing single player this time will be much longer.

    Q: Will there be another song in the game, like ending Portal 1?
    A: Valve decided to bring more music into the game but in a way that was a surprise. For example, when GladOS wants to punish you, it says “three ... two ... one ...” and when you expect the camera to be filled with neurotoxin or something like that happens, jazz starts to play in the camera.

    Q: Did you learn anything about the character who lived in the first part and wrote “cake is a lie” on the walls?
    A: No, and it is not known whether there will be any traces of it in P2.

    Q: Why does everything happen hundreds of years in the future and how did Chell get there?
    A: Valve did not disclose this.

    Q: How will Co – Op work?
    A: Players will vary in color, it will be possible to communicate and indicate “put the portal here” and “look here”, you can switch to the point of view of another character. Solving puzzles together is quite difficult, you have to come up with complex interaction schemes.

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