Linux Mint Dewdrop 8.1 - project news

    Almost by accident I found out that a new version of Rosinka was released. It was released quite a while ago, on February 16, but the latest events associated with this project have prompted me to write to the geek magazine

    I was looking here a few days ago for a link to Linux Mint "Dewdrop" in order to deliver to a friend, and I was surprised to find that all the previous links to the author’s blog in the community no longer open - error 404 is everywhere. I

    found a little more and found out what happened An update for Rosinka, in which, among other things, pppoe is configured out of the box through Network Manager.

    And then a new dewdrop site was discovered , and there an entertaining message, which tells about what happened to the author’s blog in the community. As it turned out, the guys at did not like the fact that the author of Rosinka from time to time receives donations to support his project, and is “untwisted” on their site.

    Well, from there, if you want, you can find out many more unpleasant details.

    Rosinka is now officially developed by Ros'X, which, among other things, provides support and technical support. Thus, the author decided to make money on the maintenance of his assembly, which, in fact, makes the majority of manufacturers of distributions. - new project site Project
    List of available versions, download links

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