KeyWeb - I Resent!

    Hello dear Habrahabr community!
    I want to share with you about how important it is to choose a reliable hosting partner and how conditionally important when a hosting company is serious and qualified.
    I'll start, perhaps from a distance.
    About a year and a half ago, there was an urgent need for a dedicated server. The leading companies they are very decent, I mean if the piece of iron is good, it makes no sense to take junk. And then I got a certain KeyWeb.De desk. Later they are but (http://KeyWeb.Ru). I think no one will argue that the prices of this company are very affordable, payment is possible in web mani, in general, everything is wonderful. More precisely, almost everything. The weakest point of this company is its customer relationship.

    The customer is always wrong

    One fine day, someone X came to the kei-web support with an abus and said "he stole my design." Without evidence, without everything, I just wrote a letter and said that your client was a thief. What does KeyWeb do? Caveb, creates a new message in the ticket system

    Good afternoon. A complaint was received about your server. We ask you to take urgent measures to terminate this activity.
    If no measures are taken within 24 hours, then your server will be blocked.
    Next comes the gist of the complaint.
    The hoster without trial, without everything, immediately automatically made me guilty of the situation.
    For all questions “is the hosting company KeyWeb and its representative Sasha B (I don’t write the name normally because they can lock the account, sorry dear) - I got silence from the experts in web design. The hosting company and representative Sasha B considered themselves entitled to decide what the original is and what the copy is. All questions are never given clear answers.
    The hosting company KeyWeb will ignore you any day for almost 24 hours - at night no one will be interrogated for sure, for any action, be it KVM for 5 hours, although it really takes about 20 minutes, or rearrange OS - 25 euros. Is always. I sincerely regret that I recommended this company to people (I honestly recommended it myself - without affiliate programs).
    I always paid for services at BME, but then it became too lazy to convert, and I asked to change the merchants' currency at VMZ. Ok, changed. And I did not notice how I began to overpay for the place 99 euros, 116 euros. It became annoying, they say how so, why didn’t they warn about it? I turn to accounting - I say, dear, how is it so? I get a brilliant answer:
    The internal rate of wmz / € is 1.57, it is associated with additional costs for receiving and processing payments in webmoney. Perhaps it will be more profitable for you to pay in wme, the rate at which is 1.05

    That is, we consider 16 * 12 = 192 euros per year from the air from one client. Cool. What is the company's internal course? What a brainwashing - conversion to web-mani takes place at the same rate anywhere in the world! And there are such things, unfortunately they allow a very, very much. They just do not care about the client. The client, this is such a bastard, which spoils the valiant managers and support life. I will not say anything about how they remarkably “forget” to put something on the server, they like very much less memory and insert screws.

    A brief conclusion that I would like to draw and give a little advice

    The company has only two opinions of them and not the right one. The client is always a priori wrong.
    If someone uses the services of this company - run from there, the farther the better.
    If someone was going to use their services - in no case do not try to do it! The avaricious pays twice, and the fool three times, and I paid apparently 5 times more than both.
    PS I am looking for a new home for my projects, please advise a good dedic.

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