Announced a new release plan for Ruby 1.9.2

    According to the new plan , the release will take place around mid-August.

    More details:
    • Ruby 1.9.2 feature list will be frozen on March 31
    • The code will be frozen on April 30, all features not implemented until this time will not be included in the release
    • May 31 - release 1.9.2-preview2: features that will not be completed and stable at this point will not be included in the release
    • June 30 - 1.9.2-rc release: all bugs found in the previous steps should be fixed
    • July 31 - release 1.9.2-p0: for two weeks they will collect bug reports and finish the release before releasing it

    Well, let's hope that this time the developers will meet the deadlines and we will receive a stable release of the 1.9.x branch until the fall :-)

    PS If someone wants to express wishes for the release 1.9.2, then hurry up to leave the ticket in Ruby Issue Tracking System

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