Runetology (45): founder and co-owner of Evernote Stepan Pachikov

    The founder of the Evernote service, Stepan Pachikov, is about himself, his philosophy of life, about human memory and its features, about Apple Newton, about the shareware model of software distribution, and how Evernote can help in everyday life.

    Guest Interview:
    • How Beatles songs influenced iPhone
    • The most monetary transaction of Stepan Pachikov
    • How to be at the right time and in the right place?
    • Evernote: a personal search engine or aggregator of human memory?
    • Why did Google close Notebook?
    • Evernote as a service from the point of view of its architect
    • How to improve your memory?
    • Evernote: Monetization Model, Payback and the Future
    Discussed news:
    • Finalists of The Best of Blogs contest and Runetology among them have been announced. Vote for us!
    • Edward Gil became world famous for the video
    • Providers will have to remove controversial materials
    • iFolder blocked due to child pornography
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