When will the new House come out?

    Hello dear Habr user, I want to tell you about a convenient service!
    I hope from the logo it’s already clear what will be discussed!
    I ask for a cut, there are a  lot of interesting and useful for serial mana!

    And so, this service is a panel for monitoring your favorite TV shows.
    And the authors themselves write about the site like this: " The main point is to Help viewers in tracking the release of new episodes of current TV shows ."
    At the moment, you can observe from three places, namely:
    1. The site itself (View)
    2. Widget for Yandex  (Install)
    3. Application for VKontakte (View)
    4. By installing an informer on your website (for example )

    The site has the opportunity to select your favorite series from a fairly large database, and after that they immediately appear in the list. (True, this is not conveniently done ...)
    And another feature of the site is not a registration requirement ! All data is stored in your cookies (cookie).
    In general, the authors tried, but the designer didn’t pay extra :-)
    Try it yourself, I'm sure you will like it - http://www.serialdate.ru/ !

    And a little bit of pictures ...

    This is how the series on a certain series are visible:

    And the informer can be like this:

    PS This is my first such review on Habré, so I tried as best I could. So I'm not a site developer.

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