GDB 7.1 released

    A new version of the wonderful console debugger GDB has been released . Changes:
    • Added support for multi-program debugging (i.e. now you can work with several programs within the same debugging session)
    • Added support for Position Independent Executable (PIE)
    • Support for Xilinx MicroBlaze and Renesas RX Platforms
    • Improvements in Python support (I remind you that you can write Python scripts for GDB)
    • Extended C ++ Support
    • New features when working with tracepoints
    • Process Record Enhancements
    • Remote Debug Protocol Improvements
    I myself have not yet “tested” the new version, so for all the details, please refer to the documentation .

    To my surprise, I did not find topics on this program Therefore, I want to ask: Will it be interesting for you to read the topic on the basics of debugging in GDB?

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