Opolis.eu next generation correspondence

    For a long time I wanted to write in Harbrahabr. But he put it off. There was no serious topic.

    I have the honor to present you a startup with Austrian roots O! Polis , which is designed to encrypt and protect email.

    So the idea was based on several concepts

    1) The Power to the Sender - it is the sender of the message that must have the right to control the letter. And he has all the ultimate rights to control letters and attachments.
    2) I Protect - all letters are immediately encrypted / encrypted and can be decrypted and read only by the authorized recipient of the letter and no one else. O! Polis uses Public-Private Key technology, and iTrust as a public key registrar for O! Polis users. The developers guarantee that the letters cannot be manipulated or falsified.
    3) I Decide - the sender of the letter decides in advance when sending whether the recipient can copy, print, reply, or redirect the letter to another O! Polis-a user or not.
    4) I Control - the sender can actively and lively see the status of the letter.

    The technology is inherently very interesting and innovative and, in my opinion, will soon be very actively used by different companies and individuals, for whom the privacy of correspondence is important.
    Now the service is completely free, but I think after a year and a half some restrictions will be imposed, and paid accounts according to the developers will be very affordable.
    The service so far has an English interface. I talked with the developers and they told me that the Russian version is on the way. So I will actively monitor this startup and I will be the ears and eyes of the Habrahabrites.

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