Symbiosis of ideas: examples of a good combination of ideas in the design of logos and advertising

    Hello, Habr! Today I want to present to you all a dose of design inspiration for the brain.

    The meaning is that, considering the good results of associative thinking, combining several ideas into one, to awaken these processes more strongly in your head.

    What is it for

    In our world, the great combination of pre-existing ready-made things, ideas and methods is of great value. People easily recognize in such a combination the individual parts that are familiar to them and, at the same time, perceive the whole as something interesting, new and unusual.

    It is difficult to come up with something useful and necessary from scratch, operating exclusively with low-level data. From the point of view of experience, this is certainly useful, but often this is not required for those simple things that have to deal with.

    A strong idea + a simple (but, of course, high-quality!) Implementation turns out to be no less effective than a complex implementation of the highest level with a familiar idea. And, in fact, a strong fresh idea can be found by combining the usual.

    In short, closer to the point. Only two global parts: ideological logos and ideological advertising.


    Gulp - Swallowing


    A trivial thing, but it looks unusual anyway.

    Everything is fine, but the question remains about the smell of coffee.

    A good example of an idea going beyond the advertising space.

    Also a simple idea is how easy it is to show the power of the batteries.

    You can find ad slots everywhere. And it doesn’t look bad.

    Again about the use of the environment.

    Making History Ad Campaign for the Lego 50th Anniversary

    And it was just like that with me!

    It is very cool. Advertising works only when necessary - at night.

    Ingenious is still simple.

    In general, I make such collections every week. Who cares , for new issues, contact me in the Batonlog / journal "Symbiosis of Ideas."

    And finally, if you have more similar examples of food for the brain - well in the comments!

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