Google Summer of Code 2010

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the annual Google Summer of Code program. Its goal is to attract students to work on open source projects, give them the opportunity to learn from more experienced developers, and just make the world a little better.

What do you need to take part in the program? First, see the list of projectsproposed by participating organizations this year and choose one that you would be interested in working on. Surely you will have your own ideas on how to solve a particular problem (moreover, it is necessary that they arise). Therefore, another week and a half are allotted to discuss the details of your participation with the curator of the project you liked and with other members of the community. Finally, from March 29 to April 9, you need to apply for participation. The application should include your interpretation of the task with an approximate plan for its solution - try to impress the curator, but do not forget that the plan will have to be completed.

Of course, not everyone is able to immediately join the unfamiliar development team. After the curators choose you from among other applicants, you will have a month to get acquainted with the team, read the documentation and study the sources of what you will do in the summer.

Work on the project will take about three months: from May 24 to August 16. Of course, no one forces you to sit at the computer day and night (although this is addictive, take a word), but you will have to work hard. Successful program participants will receive a scholarship of $ 5,000 - a good addition to the line in the summary: “I have accelerated the download of Ubuntu three times!” Or “I ported gevent to work with Stackless Python!”.

Everyone will get a fan.

Details of participation can be found at .

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