Free hosting from e-Style Telecom

    e-Style Telecom opens up new possibilities for its users.

    We offer free hosting of two sites for business mail clients based on Exchange Server.

    The e-Style Telecom company conducted a survey among its customers on the topic: “What would help you improve the organization of IT processes in your company?”

    As a result, e-Style Telecom specialists developed a unique offer:
    Now purchasing the “corporate business mail” service from the market leader of ready-made solutions based on exchange server, you get hosting of 2 sites as a gift.

    The service "business mail + hosting" was launched from March 1. And as managers of the company note, it is already very popular.

    More information about the service "business mail + hosting" can be found on the site.

    The need for Business mail arises in almost every organization, where the quality of services, security, timing and relevance of the transmitted information are in the first place.

    e-Style Telecom provides comprehensive, ready-to-go business solutions for a small monthly fee. Therefore, you can work with mail immediately after authorization.

    The e-Style Telecom company is preparing a number of new offers for hosting services. You can find information about them on the official website of the company.

    Ready-made business solutions e-Style Telecom:
    Corporate business mail Exchange
    Corporate portal SharePoint
    Solution for sales and marketing Dynamix CRM

    e-Style Telecom is a telecom operator providing a full range of telecommunication services.
    The company operates in 4 main areas:
    - communication services;
    - data center services;
    - hosting services;
    - ready-made business solutions.

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