Caution Commission!

    Today an unpleasant story happened to me. I urgently needed to top up my mobile phone account. What could be easier, ”I reasoned,“ we must use a payment terminal! ” No sooner said than done. I go to the nearest vending machine, enter the phone number, shove a hundred into the bill acceptor, another ...

    ... But what is this ?! On the terminal screen in red and white there is an inscription - to be credited 160 rubles. No, no, I think, that’s not the way it is, 20% of the commission is a bit much even for such an ultra-modern device, give me my money back. But the function of returning money, unfortunately, was not provided, and with a spoiled mood, cursing the damned capitalists, I moved on.

    Morality - before you put your money in the terminal, do not be lazy, find the inconspicuous button with information about the commission, do not let some piece of iron undermine your faith in humanity.

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