Since April 1, really unlimited traffic

    The first of April is not only for jokes, but also for good news.

    Starting April 1, Infobox will switch to a new system for providing traffic to customers in the areas of server hosting, server rental, and vds-servers. We refuse to provide shareware traffic subject to certain ratios - inbound and outbound and Russian-foreign. Now we provide you with data transfer over a dedicated band at a speed of 10 Mbps.

    Currently, among Russian providers there is a practice of providing unlimited traffic on a shared hosting and conditionally unlimited (traffic by ratios) when renting and hosting servers. If the ratios are not respected, clients have to pay the difference. Hosting providers in Russia started transitioning to this model since 2001, gradually canceling not only traffic charges, but also registration / installation fees.

    The Western hosting model does not involve accounting for ratios, usually a certain amount of traffic is included in the cost of the service, and excess is paid extra. Some Russian providers use both models, but the option of providing shareware traffic is the most popular.

    At the same time, the provision of shareware traffic carries certain risks. Risks for the provider, as the client is tempted to equalize the traffic by uploading files to the server and creating an additional load on the provider’s channels in order to keep within the ratios and avoid additional payments. And the risks for the client, because in the case of, for example, a DDoS attack, there is a risk of getting an account worth tens of thousands of rubles for non-compliance with the ratios.

    Infobox Company opens a new stage in the development of hosting services and is the first among large Russian hosting providers to offer bandwidth traffic without taking into account any ratios. Now you do not need to consider incoming or foreign traffic, you will not receive notifications about excess traffic and bills for traffic overruns. No need to artificially equalize traffic to meet the ratio.

    On average, the server of one of our clients consumes traffic at a speed of about 2 Mbit / s. Therefore, the speed is 10 Mbit / s. will be enough for 95% of customers.
    If your Internet project requires a connection at a higher speed, we have the second good news for you - from April 1, we will halve the price of expanding the dedicated band for the server.

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