Cognitive tomogram

    In the fresh series of “House MD”, a new, hitherto unknown, device has appeared - cognitive imaging, which allows you to display the patient’s thoughts on the screen. However, it is too early to worry about the privacy of thoughts: the Laboratory of Cognitive Tomography is still far from decoding the signals and may please with an example of tomogram analysis. But scientists from University College London can already determine whether the subject watched the movie with tea or throwing a letter. So the series can be congratulated on mastering the genre of science fiction.

    But the matter is not in the genre - in the niche of product placement, previously occupied only by mass brands, non-existent technologies come. On the one hand, this will surely help scientists get additional investments, and on the other hand, perhaps in the near future the battle for attention and money will unfold between research teams, and advertising of a non-existent, but branded technology will become an integral part of scientific research.

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