Penny and cent feature

    Today I noticed one interesting feature. Moreover, if correctly and beautifully formulated, the question can be asked to experts in the program. What? Where? When?
    Take the Ukrainian penny in hand and flip it horizontally. Here's what we get:
    i.e. The image will be positioned correctly.
    And now we will pick up 1 American penny. And flip it horizontally. Here's what we get:
    i.e. the image was turned upside down.
    If you can’t check, then just trust me that it is. I have 1 cent 2005 release at home. And I personally experimented (though the photograph is not mine - there is no camera at hand).
    And this is what turns out to be interesting. When we want to flip a coin, we flip it horizontally. And the Americans, apparently - vertically.
    The question is, why?

    UPD By the way, I just looked at euro cents - they are similar to our cents in this regard.

    UPD2. In the comments posted an English penny. It is noteworthy that this coin flips in the same way as ours.

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