CreoBOX - all creativity in one box

    Hello dear. I want to tell you one story, the story of our project.

    It all started back in 2005, in one of the local portals (I must say that I live in the city of Barnaul, Altai Territory), then I dabbled in Photoshop and put my processed photos into the gallery of this portal. There were many such spoilers, with different levels, with different successes, we took photos and processed them. There was also a forum on that portal, in one of the sections of which people laid out their poems, in fact, which I also did.

    It was all so scattered, disorganized and crumpled that individual users constantly had thoughts and suggestions to make a separate resource for these creative efforts. What actually my friend and I did. The project was ready on March 2, 2006, and its main goal was to unite the creative personalities of the city and provide a platform for discussion and communication. There were four sections: photos, graphics, poems and prose. The sections were replenished by users and supervised by moderators who added or removed new work. The site was quite popular in the city, mainly due to the fact that because of the expensive global Internet, people were sitting on local resources.

    With the advent of cheap Internet, people gradually began to crawl from the site. Attendance fell sharply, and we decided to take a risky step: change the engine, design, change the concept a little, and most importantly - get into a big and terrible runet, since there is something to be done.

    On March 2, 2010 was opened on a separate domain. Now, among other things, we have the opportunity to add music and write posts ala blog forum, we have done a lot of ajax (I will make a reservation right away, the programmer is not professional, so the code is very far from ideal), but most importantly, we introduced a collective moderation system. The moderators were not one / two, as it was before; Now every registered and active user is a moderator. We have already tested such a system on our other resource and it has shown its best side, if anyone becomes interested, I will tell about its essence in the comments. We have saved the accumulated base of creativity, and all the work can be viewed and read right now.

    We have no great illusions regarding the novelty of creating creative catalogs, but we are sure that since this was done with us, no one has done it yet. It remains only to invite those interested in registration, and skeptics and amateurs to criticize for comments.

    Thanks for attention.

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