Electronic money. Figures from market participants

    Today, in the framework of the press conference of the board of the Electronic Money Association, figures were released on the turnover and number of active users.

    All numbers were measured by a single method: the number of "debits" from electronic wallets in favor of paying for certain services ( excluding transfers between users within a particular system ).

    I expected that each company will give its individual turnovers, however, this did not happen.

    Webmoney (WMR only) and Yandex.Money gave combined statistics for 2009:

    Turnover of more than 17 billion rubles with 2.3 million active users.

    Figures "QIWI Wallet" for 2009:

    Turnover of 11.4 billion rublesand 6 million people (those who used the payment system at least once during the year).

    By the way, “QIWI Personal Account” has changed its name - now it is “ QIWI Wallet ”. Rebranding has so far only touched the payment site .

    UPD : Webmoney accounted for about 9 billion rubles, another 8 billion - to Yandex.Money

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