Caffeine Engine

    The presenters of one of the popular science programs BBC1 (“Bang Goes The Theory”) conducted an interesting experiment : they built a car on a gas engine, and gas is obtained from roasting coffee beans.

    For experience, they took the Volkswagen Scirocco in 1988, bought on eBay for $ 600. To get a gas with a high hydrocarbon content, coffee beans are first heated on coal in a special cylinder. The resulting gas mixture is cooled and filtered in a radiator. Through the pipeline on the roof, gas flows directly into the motor.

    Of course, all this does not make any economic sense, but is done simply for the love of art. The car eats about 21 kg of coffee per 100 km. Translated into regular servings, approximately 35 cups of espresso are produced per kilometer. Such a caffeine addict on wheels.

    Crazy engineers intend to drive this car from Manchester to London. They claim that on the highway it can accelerate to 110 km / h. True, every 65-100 km you need to stop to pour coffee and change filters.

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