Beeline. "Keep up to date" is now paid

    Such sad news was formed at the end of the working week:

    “Keep in the know!” Service - change of conditions

    March 12, 2010

    The “Be in the know!” Service informs you of calls missed while your phone was switched off or was out of network coverage.
    Starting March 24, 2010, the terms for tariffing services are changing.
    For subscribers of prepaid tariff plans, the monthly fee for using the “Be in the know!” Service will be 0.5 rubles. per day with VAT.

    Read more on our website on March 24, 2010 .

    Well, okay, I sighed and went into my personal account to turn off the bablosos. I’m watching an interesting picture:


    Is it worth hoping that by March 22nd it can be turned off?

    As a fallback, we use * 110 * 400 #

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