Apple Store prepares for preorders iPad

    Currently, the Apple Store is not available for shopping. The inscription on the main page gives every reason to assume that it is being upgraded for the possibility of pre-ordering the iPad. And maybe something else new.


    According to the Mashable website, orders will start working today at 4:30 p.m. (GMT).

    Users, of course, will not be able to touch the device until April 3rd (except for the most ardent fans who order the iPad first). However, with the help of the pre-order system, Apple (and maybe the media) will know exactly how popular the new product will be.

    Although the iPad has created tremendous excitement, we must not forget that the experts have not yet decided whether it will be a huge success or become an epic file. This is not only a new gadget, it is a new type of device, and everyone wants to see how it will affect the IT market.

    via Mashable

    ps Well, while I wrote, they have already opened :)

    UPD: Nothing was added except for the pre-order iPad.
    Prices have not changed:
    Without Wi-Fi:
    16GB - 499 $
    32GB - 599 $
    64GB - 699 $

    With Wi-Fi and 3G:
    16GB - 629 $
    32GB - 729 $
    64GB - 829 $

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