New music service with legal content - Vega Music

    Today I discovered that on the expanses of the domestic Internet there was another musical portal Vega Music , which, however, stands out from the others in that it provides legal access to content .
    As a regular user of such services, I became interested, because, as far as I know, this is the first legal service in Ukraine.

    At the moment, they provide content from Sony Music labels, but, I quote:“At the moment, the company is negotiating with three other leading world record companies - Universal, Warner Music and EMI, as well as a number of large local copyright holders. Thus, in the near future, Vega Music will have the most comprehensive catalog of legal music content in Ukraine. ”

    Functionally, I did not find any special differences from , personally, I also still lack elements of“ webdanolization ”, like scrobling on Last. fm . I hope this is not an attempt to keep “social traffic” and in the future the service owners will have a hand in integrating their brainchild with the most common social networks.

    Personally, I will continue to use Spotify for the main media service, but I will also look at the development of domestic products.

    PS Maybe the Khabracheloveks from Russia will check the availability of this service with them, would it be better if it was available not only in Ukraine?

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