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    Hello reader!
    In this post I want to give an overview of my Web Jokes iPhone app.

    Who is it for ? If you like to sit on or are "hooked" on jokes and jokes of Runet, then this application is most likely for you.
    Web Jokes is a simple and convenient rss resource reader with jokes that can fill your leisure time.

    “Hmmm ....” you say. “The App Store already has plenty of RSS readers.” And maybe you'll be right, but I'll try to highlight the merits of this application.

    Firstly , a simple interface, no frills. Everything is outrageously simple: the navigation buttons below and the text of the joke itself. And not a list of jokes that often merge into one long set of words, but jokes are placed one on one screen.


    Secondlyquite convenient navigation. Here you can scroll from joke to joke (with a “flick of your hand” right-to-left, you can go to the next joke, and vice versa, go back), and navigation buttons that do almost the same thing, but become useful when the text does not fit on screen and a vertical scrolling appears, not allowing you to scroll. In addition, if the hands are dressed in gloves (or, for example, the nails do not allow flipping), then a “shake me” gesture will come to the rescue, that is, shaking the phone will take you to the next page. Just look, do not overdo it, because the author is not responsible for the dropped and broken phones :).


    Thirdly, A “flexible” list of RSS feeds. What does it mean? By default, a number of resources (, and others) are added that are tied to the language of presentation. So, you can change this list yourself by adding your own rss feeds and disabling or deleting uninteresting ones for you.


    Well, then the functionality that has probably become the standard for such applications has become standard - the ability to send your favorite jokes by email, SMS, copying to the clipboard to be inserted into Notes, or into some other application. Well, posting the joke text to your micro-blog on Twitter. And do not look for special menu items in the settings or where else to send a joke. Everything is very simple. Hold your finger for a couple of seconds and, in the context menu that appears, select one or another way to send the joke text.
    True, there is one BUT when sending to Twitter. He (Twitter) has a text limit of 140 characters, so if the length of the text exceeds this value, the text is automatically "chopped". But there’s nothing to be done, because this is a limitation of Twitter itself.


    And finally, one more trick. Since the author of this program is a Ukrainian developer (namely, your humble servant), I could not add the possibility of choosing a language here. Currently, only two languages ​​are supported: English and Russian. Moreover, the list of RSS sources from which jokes will be downloaded depends on the chosen language. Those. if you are a Russian-speaking citizen, then the jokes will be downloaded from or other “our” resources. If you are interested in American or British humor, then choose English as the interface language.



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    That's probably all. Thank you very much for your attention.

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