IPhone 3GS sales begin tomorrow night

    The previous night action with the sale of Snow Leopard turned out to be extremely successful, so Russian Apple resellers decided to repeat the venture.

    On Friday, March 5, at exactly 01:01 Moscow re: Store and Z-Store stores are launching the first Apple iPhone 3GS phone sales in Russia. The action will take place in Z-Store stores on Belorusskaya (Moscow, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 28) and on Kutuzovsky (Moscow, 26 Kutuzovsky prospekt), as well as in re: Store stores in the Atrium (Moscow, Zemlyanoy St. 33, 1st floor) and in Evropeisky (Kievsky station square, 4th floor, pavilion 4-B7, next to the cinema). Only on the night of the start of sales can you buy accessories at a 50% discount.

    Last time, a free disk from Snow Leopard was buriedin a snowdrift near the store. Now, no such surprises are expected, but you are provided with interesting communication with the most devoted Russian Apple fans.

    In all other re: Store and Z-Store retail stores, Apple’s new phone will go on sale on the morning of March 5th. The cost of devices for 16 and 32 GB is 29 990 and 34 990 rubles, respectively.

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