Wireless ... hard drive

    It would seem that the obvious solution was implemented only a few years after the appearance of Serial ATA: interface and power without external wires.

    What alternatives are there:
    • The option with eSATA is inconvenient: you need as many as 2 cables and a free outlet.
    • Power eSATA is a little better , but there is at least one wire here.
    • A docking station for HDD is also convenient , but all the same 2 wires.
    • Mobile rack - without wires, but a little more difficult to connect. But universal.

    The solution in the picture, in my opinion, is the most ergonomic. This is the case of the Cooler Master RC-692, a review of which is likely to appear on the F-Center soon. To break a connector or miss, according to reviews, is quite difficult - the guides are made correctly. And the plastic is scratch resistant. In a word, a good idea and a good implementation.

    The only obvious minus is the axis of rotation of the spindle at an angle. As far as I know, this is not highly recommended by manufacturers.

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