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    Due to the improvement in tariffs of our providers (now 2.5 Mbps for 450 rubles), I became interested in Internet television. I am attracted by two points: the ability to watch sports broadcasts that we don’t have or only have on satellite (NTV +), the ability to watch English-language channels, as there is a desire to learn to understand English.


    The easiest way to watch TV over the Internet is IPTV . This technology is spreading, but unfortunately my provider in my region does not provide this service yet.

    Another easy option is streaming video through a browser plugin. Flash is very common at the moment. There are also options for using Silverlight and ActiveX. The advantage of this approach is simplicity, we just open the browser, click on the link and look. Cons: few channels, the server with a peak load can choke. I recall the first SportBox broadcasts, they were supposed to show some kind of super-match, but the influx of visitors was huge and almost no one could normally watch.

    The next option is to use special software. Among the ten programs, several can be distinguished: SopCast, TVAnts, StreamTorrent. I want to dwell on the latter in more detail.

    Stream torrent

    StreamTorrent is a free program for streaming broadcasts to an unlimited number of users using p2p technology ( download ).

    After installation, we get the following client:


    In the File-Search menu, we can search for channels of interest to us. Playback takes place in such a player.

    You can also find links like st: // GSE0982 ...

    Cons: we look only at what someone posted.
    A slight lag. I watched the biathlon for about a minute. I listen to the radio for up to 2 minutes.

    Pros: the stream does not come from a specific server, you can organize your own broadcast. I have not tried to organize my broadcast yet, so I won’t say how it looks.

    I liked this technology, I will be glad if there are Russian channels (I have not found yet) and more channels in good quality.

    UPD: Channel list .

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