Amarok 1.4 on the Qt 4 library

    I have never seen a player more convenient than the good old amarok .
    The current version of Amarok2 is something completely different, and does not cause such admiration ...
    But there was no desire whatsoever to drag the libraries from kde3.

    Having tried many players, I liked exaile the most (but it’s GTK).
    After Amarok it’s impossible to look towards MPD , xmms and other a la Winamp.

    And here appears what gives hope.

    Clementine project , a modern music player and audio library, fork of Amarok 1.4 music player with some features.

    The goal of the Clementine project is to repeat as accurately as possible all the features of Amarok 1.4,
    using the modern Qt 4 API.

    Currently implemented:
    * The ability to search and play files from the local music collection;
    * Support for listening to Internet radio, support for and SomaFM services;
    * Support for editing tags in MP3 and OGG files;
    * Distribution of binary assemblies for platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu9.10 and Fedora13);
    * Enabling the standard system for displaying notifications on the desktop (via libnotify on Linux and Growl on Mac OS X).

    In the near future, the implementation is expected:
    * Automatically add files from the disk to the collection;
    * Support for iPod and MP3 players;
    * Ability to read and write playlists;
    * Tools for downloading and displaying album art;
    * Support for autocomplete tags.

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