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    Our new digest includes modular development, chats and cards, half a billion on Arcade, beehives and robots, rage, time, traps and much more. Get connected!

    Modular development or the way there, not back

    In Raiffeisenbank applications, each screen consists of several modules that are as independent as possible from each other. “Module” we call a visual component that has its own idea. When designing an application, it is very important to write logic so that the modules are independent and they can easily be added or removed without resorting to refactoring.

    GPU, hexagonal accelerators and linear algebra

    All these words are much more closely related to mobile development than it seems at first glance: hexagonal accelerators are already helping to train neural networks on mobile devices; algebra and matan come in handy to get a job at Apple; and GPU programming not only allows you to speed up applications, but also teaches you to see the essence of things.

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    • (+17) AppCode 2019.1: Swift 5, improved highlighting, navigation and auto-completion, moving expressions and much more
    • (+14) The easiest way to chat in an iOS application
    • (+12)  Create cards like Tinder on Swift
    • (+11)  UITableView auto header and footer sizes with AutoLayout
    Apple delays the transfer of money to developers
    Apple will spend up to $ 500 million on exclusives for Arcade
    imageModel-View-Controller (MVC) in iOS - a modern approach
    imageOpen the application on a specific screen when push-tap tapes
    imageAn overview of the MVVM template in Swift
    imageImproving the productivity of an iOS team through creating features as frameworks
    imageGetting started with RxSwift and RxCocoa
    imageHow to make bridges between frameworks in an iOS application
    imageKotlin Multiplatform for iOS developers
    imageHow to make server push for events in iOS
    imageDeep links in iOS
    Swash: dynamic control of

    Android fonts

    • (+28) Secrets of the API of Android devices. Yandex Report
    • (+16)  We determine the breed of the dog: the full development cycle, from the neural network in Python to the application on Google Play
    • (+15)  Evolution or make the base for the robot robot on the ARDUINO platform, and we drive the sensors and video to the computer via the smartphone
    • ( +15) Robo-footballer from beginners. Competitions at MIPT. Android & Arduino & Bluetooth
    • (+13) Creating a tip calculator on Kotlin: how does it work?
    • (+10) Cloud Firestore + Android is simple
    • (+3) How to work with ViewPager2
    • (+1)  How in Android to transfer a variable from a fragment to activity?
    Android Studio 3.4 released
    New Indie Games Accelerator launched
    Google will make communication with Play developers more humane
    imageHow to distribute Android libraries
    image“First and foremost offline” approach
    imageOne simple trick that will save you hours when developing Android applications
    imageModern time on Android
    imageTesting Espresso with Android Architecture Components
    imageCustom gallery for Android
    imageVideo Droidcon Italy 2019
    imageFixing memory leaks in 2019
    imageImproving UI tests with MockWebServer


    • (+27) Notes from a freelancer: developing the first React Native application
    • (+12)  Patents in design: part one (general provisions, examples from Apple, Facebook)
    • (+ 8)  Visual logic editor for Unity3d. Part 1
    Podlodka # 107: Legal risks
    Yandex will host a programming championship
    imageGame developer guide: how to become unhappy in 10 simple steps
    imageCreating a C ++ text game engine from scratch in ReactOS
    imageDine Rite: UX research
    imageHow our redesign allowed us to grow 10 times a year: UX research
    imageA guide for novice developers to write super-clean and readable code
    imageCommon development pitfalls that even senior-managers face
    imageMy advice to UX designers about their first job
    imageRage against code : programmers and negative
    imageWhy software projects take longer than you think - a statistical model
    imageapplication for productivity Goalful: study UX
    image21 site for free learning programming
    imageHow to make a round Eider in Flutter
    imageFirst look at firstBorn - a new library of React Native components
    image5 tips for improving navigation in a product / service
    imageCreating a UI for a YouTube mobile application in React Native
    imageHistorical Source: sources of classic Infocom games

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+16) WhatsApp on palms: where and how can forensic artifacts be detected?
    Video bloggers as a way to promote the product
    Tencent received 15% of the revenue of the entire gaming market
    Horoscopes - a new popular category of the application market
    Creating a community for your game from scratch
    Dashlane: password manager and security center
    How to publish a mobile game and not make mistakes
    Brawl Stars earned $ 200 million in 4 months
    Mobile games - one of the best advertising platforms
    TikTok blocked in India
    Advertisers in Russia spent 4 billion rubles on mobile video advertising in 2018
    imageHow NOT to promote

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • • (+29) SMS monitoring of the weight of three hives for $ 35
    • (+29) Natural Language Processing basics for text
    • (+8) Mozilla WebThings - setting Gateway
    • (+7) Mozilla WebThings on Raspberry Pi - getting started
    Mozilla introduced the WebThings platform
    Microsoft bought an RTOS developer for the Internet of Things
    • The number of smart speakers nearly doubles in a year
    imageCreating a complete web application with machine learning on React and Flask
    imageMachine learning widens the gap between knowledge and understanding
    imagePredicting demand for bicycles with C # and ML.NET

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