Crew Dragon exploded

    SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft exploded yesterday during a ground test of the emergency rescue system. Previously, he successfully flew to the International Space Station in unmanned mode and returned to Earth.

    The company conducted ground tests at Cape Canaveral, which were to prepare the ship for an important test launch with the capsule being shot during the flight. SuperDraco engines must carry out emergency bailout of the ship if an emergency situation occurs with the rocket. What the designers did not seem to think about - that emergency situations are also possible with the emergency rescue system.

    In normal space flight, SuperDraco was not intended to be launched, although previously it was envisaged the possibility of a missile landing on land without the use of a parachute.

    In normal mode, the ship must land at sea using parachutes. The first flight of the ship was successful in March, and the splashed capsule was supposed to be used for further testing the emergency rescue system. After that, they wanted to send her to the museum.

    The current accident will delay the test program and certification of Crew Dragon ships for manned flights. For the next test, in which the injured ship was supposed to participate, it will be necessary to create a new Crew Dragon, which will take time, or it will be necessary to use the one that until now was preparing for the first manned flight.

    Delays in the development of another American Boeing Starliner could lead to the fact that for another year or more manned flights to the International Space Station will take place only on Russian Soyuz-MS.

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