Heaven & earth

    Curious. Some games released in the old days are still not known to most gamers or fans to warm up their brains, but they are better than anything else among shooters or online projects.

    One such game is Heaven & Earth, created by the now defunct division of Disney Buena Vista Software. In fact, this is Abandonware, which can be downloaded from the site of one of the developers of the game.


    The game is not for fun for a couple of days. Consider this a journey to a game where you have only tasks and time.

    The game was released in 1992 (!), But it can still be played perfectly through DOSBox. Great opportunity to smash your head.

    The game world consists of three parts: Illusions (more than 500 puzzles of various types), Pendulum (a pendulum that you need to point at the stones scattered across the playing field) and Cards (score-based solitaire in which elements, months are used instead of suits and trump cards and the wonders of nature).

    For those who already understand how to solve certain puzzles, you can test yourself and click on the monastery in the mountains, which is visible above the three stones at the entrance to the game. Pilgrimage mode combines all three types of puzzles and sayings of the ancient sages. It is really just you and the tasks.

    I especially liked the Illusions and Cards modes : in the first, you can build your own figure in the style of the Penrose triangle, and in the second, the atmosphere is great for a card game: for example, each card with a miracle of nature is voiced and even animated (a storm sparkles with lightning, the sun rises from behind the hills) .

    You don’t have to rush or look for solutions elsewhere: turn on your favorite music and try to understand each puzzle.

    Need a good head and knowledge of English. Remember to check out Help (especially if you solve one of the puzzles in Illusions ).

    Download the game from the Ian Gilman page

    To start the game, unzip the contents of the archive (Heaven & Earth for Windows: this is a DOS application) and run it HEAVEN.EXE.

    Of course, and here it was not without a traditional system of copy protection with questions and answers.
    To start the game, you need to correctly answer the question posed by the game. The list of questions can be taken from the Ian Gilman page or look at the Scott Kim page (by the way, he created all the tasks for the game).

    Short description of the game in English (screenshot of the game cover on Moby Games)
    Other screenshots on MobyGames
    Screenshots on Allgame

    If you think that this topic is preventing someone from getting money for the game, write Ian Gilman to remove the game from your site. At the moment, it is not available anywhere and is not for sale.
    If you have questions about the rules of the game, ask them in the comments.
    Please do not ask how to solve this or that puzzle. Try to understand for yourself.

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