Legalization of Office - help!

    In our company I work as a programmer, but sometimes I have to install programs and generally engage in consumer goods. the enterprise is small.

    With Windows, it seems, everything was fine and licenses are gradually acquired, but with Office, it’s a disaster.
    The cost of one piece is 8 thousand., And they constantly push me to ensure that I do not suffer and put Microsoft Office 2003 on everyone.

    I started to put everyone, more or less, steady, OpenOffice, solving along the way all their mistakes, imperfections and errors. They even decided
    to write the program to solve all problems in one fell swoop, but unfortunately ...
    OpenOffice is not yet ideal and does not really know how to work with MSOffice macros.

    In addition, there are cases of breaking tables and formatting in OpenOffice.

    • Please advise what to do when situations force you to install a temporarily broken Microsoft Office?
    • Where can I buy it cheaper for the company?
    • How to communicate with company management on this topic?
    • What insurance do you need to do so that in the event of a round-up you do not fall into criminal activity?

    So what do you think of the following idea?

    Buy a license only for the Server, and workers who want to work only with Microsoft Office - let them through the Terminal. (Citrix or something else)

    Has anyone had such an experience?

    I also wanted to ask you to raise this topic, in order to still find solutions or people who are also fighting for cleanliness in the enterprise in the field of Software.

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