Startup Crash Test 11.0 will be held in Kiev on Friday

    This time, as a presentation on SKT, the issue of transactional business models in startups will be considered. The speaker will be Katya Mikula from the eVentures Foundation.
    Thereafter, the report will be the panel that will conduct Egor Anchishkin - is his debut as a moderator. The CEO, the project manager and CEO confirmed their participation in the panel. The same transactional model will be discussed.
    After a half-hour break, there will be a section ( Arthur Orujaliev will try his hand at the leading section ) of short (90 seconds) startup presentations. At the end, three startups (15 + 5 + 5) will be presented, after which the audience will traditionally disperse to nearby restaurants, bars and pubs (some of them will show off one and a half meter checks and).
    As always there will be a lot of people, fun and interesting. This time, traditionally, we will have guests from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg).
    The event will be raffled off among neopozdavshih 5 tickets at iForum

    We spend Startup Crash Test in Kiev 11 times. The first SKT in St. Petersburg was held in February , and SKT Moscow is planned on March 12. It is planned to hold events in Novosib, Prague and London.
    The format provides an event for entrepreneurs, in which they look for the weaknesses of their and other people's projects. Present projects, and watch how others are presented. Much attention is paid to networking. Traditionally, the event is attended by investors, although the event is not focused on them. If on the first SKT at the beginning of 2009, then on the last there were almost 300 people. Tecranch Europe published an article on this topic, which had a great resonance.
    The format of the event implies free participation, both for participants and visitors, subject to prior registration. Those who are late and (or) not registered pay 20 hryvnias for entry. This is not the earnings of the organizers, but rather the disciplinary methods that we had to introduce for such a sloppy event.
    The official website of the event is here.

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