The official online premiere of the domestic sitcom

    Today a peculiar precedent has been created. Rightholders officially proposed to host the Internet premiere of their mini-series (seven-episode sitcom) on Novafilm . As you know, the mentioned project is one of the largest serial runet trackers, therefore it is a pretty tasty place to start.

    The sitcom called “J-factory” is not particularly noticeable in my own opinion, but that is not the point. In the Russian segment of the Internet, this is the first time that a commercial television product is being freely distributed. By the way, all the episodes of this mini-series will be shown on February 23 by the Russian MTV channel.
    Here's what Novafilm writes about the premiere:

    Today at Novafilm unusual premiere. We present you the new youth sitcom "J-Factory". This is a small Russian series, the main characters of which are working on the invention of a real invisibility machine, worship Lord Zula and fall into various funny situations.

    The J-Factory was filmed by a team of Englishmen led by director Chris Waite, who also brought with him to Russia the Hollywood cameraman Ozzy McLean, as well as editor Henry Trotter. In Russia, sound engineer Boris Voight joined this team.

    Knowing that NovaFilm is the most popular runet series, the producers of the series asked us to arrange an official network premiere, which we are happy to do. At your disposal 7 episodes of 9 minutes. Happy viewing!

    Use case created. But will it be of any use? Not all filmmakers understand the possibilities that such cooperation can offer them. Closing trackers, they will not come to anything good unambiguously. The people as changed files, and will change them. Isn't it better to try to coexist together, but on mutually beneficial conditions? Any release on the net is, in fact, a great advertisement.

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