The second stage of LANVA in Lithuania

    As it is already known, litigation has begun in Lithuania with the largest torrent tracker LinkoManija in Lithuania , namely with its former owner Kestasam Ermanas, as well as with some users. But now the second stage has begun.

    Giving the opportunity to watch films for free online on Thursday (2010.02.18) stopped working. According to , a trial was launched due to the distribution of illegal copies and copyright infringement, and the servers that provided the site were seized. According to data, this is 9 thousand films in the amount of about 6 terabytes.

    One of the suspects in this case is already known to law enforcement agencies in the case with the tracker. In that race, he was fined $ 400. The further fate of the site is still unknown although on the main page there is a message that work is underway to move the server, partly true, it was moved to the police commissariat.

    But what is most interesting and unpleasant, some sites of similar content ceased to function after this news. As with the LinkoManija case, despite convincing comments that the Lithuanian Anti-Piracy Association LANVA itself violated the rights of collecting information, it is a gain. People are afraid and stop their "illegal" activities.

    P.S. I will not comment on the case with Microsoft, but these actions will generally destroy anything in such an oily country like Lithuania. I doubt that without "piracy" local-Lithuanian films will be seen, music is heard ...

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