Bing Maps uses Creative Commons licensed photos

Original author: Jane Park - Creative Commons
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As readers of Habr know, Bing Maps service now uses photos from Flickr , however, I would like to draw attention to the fact that not all photos from Flickr are used, but only those whose authors gave permission. For Streetside, images are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (free) or Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs (non-free) licenses.

Bing Maps is a great example of what is possible with Creative Commons licenses .

In the Bing blog describesabout what needs to be done so that your photos can potentially get into Streetside. Since the service is available for Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver, then we are talking about photos of these cities, although who knows - maybe MS will be spent on other cities and continents.

So, you need to configure some parameters so that Bing Maps can use images with your permission.

Under your photo on Flickr, you'll see “More Information.” By default, “All rights reserved” is set for all images, which means that this is your photo and Bing Maps cannot use it. To change this, you need to click on the edit link and put one of the following licenses:
(1) Attribution Creative Commons,
(2) Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons
(3) Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons.


Well, and secondly, the coordinates should be indicated for the photo.

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