Metro map positioning

    There was an idea how it would be possible to improve the mobile I. Metro, did not appear today, but the idea seems interesting to me.


    imageThere is a wonderful program for the Yandex.Metro phone, in general, it is more than useful when you only (for the first time) arrive in Moscow, especially helping to predict the time without understanding how long it takes to get from station to station and more or less it correctly determines routes, but what’s in it I was missing when I arrived.

    When you go, it often happens that you don’t understand which station you are currently passing, given that the trains in the Moscow Metro: firstly, they rattle well, secondly, the speakers work so that taking into account the fact that the station is still being announced and you just won’t hear what is now (and there are also cases when the station counter goes astray :) and you are already at that station, which will be next). Of course, when you drive how much time, you can already understand what station it is by the yellowing of the walls, the presence of partitions, etc., and until then you have to take off your headphones to listen to where you are now.

    The idea itself

    Each phone has a GSM module or what is used there for communication, and it is able to determine which BS responded to ping (well, even if I have one operator, but I found another BS, I can know its identifier (although maybe I'm mistaken). Mobile Yandex.Maps seem to be positioned according to this principle, when he understands where the station is and draws the radius on the map where you are located.You

    can either find the station identifiers on the Internet, or go through all the metro stations and scan it, and then we make a likeness of Y.Kart and show where we find i.

    Developing the idea, you can lay a route (to clarify it, as we drive, well, like the transition from October to October is closed in the morning) and show the point where I am now on the map (taking into account a more or less fixed time between two stations, you can even indicate the time of arrival at station).

    The next development step may be the function for reading and listening to music at the same time or watching movies, to inform the phone’s earphone (vibrate) that the next station should be exited.

    Updated : Yandex Reply
    In theory, your idea is wonderful, moreover, we have implemented it in the form of a special assembly. And we gathered the BSock base in this way.

    But there is a harsh practice that speaks of this, all operators have base stations that serve several metro stations at once at the same time - to be more precise, this is observed in half the cases. Accuracy in plus or minus three metro stations, not very likely to be

    . Today we have suspended experiments, and if the situation described above changes, of course we will implement this functionality for all subsequent versions of Y. Metro.

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