Online game Glitch from the creator of Flickr

    One of the creators of the popular photo-sharing site talked a bit about his new project, the multi-player online game Glitch.


    Stuart Butterfield plans to launch the project in full force in the fall of 2010, but now gamers can register for beta testing the game.

    The game is made in 2D, its action takes place in a non- real, distant and utopian future. Players will be able to team up to solve puzzles and complete missions together.
    The game will be available for free, but the creator plans to receive money through the sale of virtual artifacts and premium accounts.

    “We want to reach as many audiences as possible,” said Butterfield. “We plan to become in the world of online games what Wii is in the world of consoles.”

    Not everyone remembers that Flickr also started as a kind of online game. In it, for conducting the conversation, it was necessary to use photographs using the drag'n'drop method. This game was launched by Stuart Butterfield and his wife back in the 1990s.
    However, it soon became clear that users use the site not as a game, but as a service for sharing photos. Then it was decided to change the format of the flickr.
    In 2005, the site was sold to Yahoo for $ 35 million and now has billions of photos in its archive.
    Butterfield is organizing a new project on behalf of his firm, Tiny Spec.

    So, the game. The action takes place in the future (several billion years ahead!), Which is almost perfect. But still, there are certain bugs in it (hence the name Glitch), and the only way to fix them is to return to the past and eliminate the cause.

    The creator says that he deliberately departed from the canons adopted among well-known online games. There will be no warriors in his world, no battles. It emphasizes thoughtful and fantastic turns of events.
    Users will receive points for completing various tasks in various fields, for example, alchemy and “bureaucratic art” (!).

    Over time, additional skills will be revealed to the heroes, for example, meditation. "Just stay motionless for a short time, and all creatures around will be healed."

    Users will be able to join in groups and communicate in various ways. Not only through in-game chat, but also via SMS, in social networks and so on.

    The plot and gameplay will be covered in more detail in the coming months.

    In about a week, testing of the game will begin, which will last until this summer, which will launch the final and debugged version in the fall.

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