A small tip for filling out notarization applications

    Good habrasubbota to all.
    I needed to take away domains from the known registrar .
    Since the new year, they have run into notaries and told k_noge to do everything according to the law. And I had to play a guessing game with different notaries, what did I do wrong all the same.

    So, notaries now, when witnessing the signature of an individual on a statement, check:
    • so that what is in the OT field is identical to what is in the passport or other document.
    • so that the signature is made in the presence of a notary
    • Date was written in words.

    The most important thing is of course the first point. The rest is obvious.
    So, an example of how not to do it.
    For those with squares .
                                       To the general director of OOO "??"
    I, SuchToTakoyto, passport 123 456, issued ...

    Like mail servers refuse to process something without a FROM: field, so does a notary public.
    Right like that
                                              To the general director of OOO "??"
                                    from ... dd.mm.yyyy yr passport 1234 123456
                                                     issued by ... dd.mm.yyyy,                                
                                                registered at 
                                                  <address, as in passport>                                
      I ..., please (here the text of the statement without underlining and dashes!).
    Horseradish knows what February 2010

    I note that the name can not be written because it should (can) be done in the presence of a notary.

    Almost all registrars have irregular forms on the sites and force customers to figure back and forth to assure the application.

    PS Reg.RU after I respected it reported, corrected everything.
    PPS Until the new year, they assured what was written whatever.

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