Amusing economy or manipulating numbers

    Recently, 2 topics skipped: about the fact that eating in restaurants is cheaper and about the fact that your car is more expensive .
    Now, using simple calculations as an example, we decide the opposite - I will not write much. I just remember those things that the authors of the above posts on ignorance, unconsciousness or malice forgot to announce.
    Let's start.

    The author of the first post is indignant that he will have to spend his time buying and cooking.
    However, this action can be assigned to one half - according to observation, people rarely live alone, usually with parents and then with a girl / wife. We will not consider the case of parents, the case of the girl / wife is also obvious: the cost of the products is clearly less than the cost of their products prepared in the restaurant.
    For example, pizza : the cost of food is 50 rubles, and a ready-made large pizza costs 300.
    Or, for example, cheese soup with shrimp : 6 servings cost 150 rub, while in a restaurant 6 servings will cost a thousand.
    I specifically did not calculate the cost of everyday food such as chicken or fried potato soups - the gap is much wider there.
    What were the mistakes of the author of the topic (subjectively, of course)?
    1) He considers the cost of a relatively extremely narrow layer of people who live separately from their parents, but do not have the second half.
    2) He considers the cost of cooking and buying as part of the value of the goods. Taking into account the first point, this is absolutely wrong, without taking into account it is greatly overstated.

    Let's look at the average taxi. Sometimes budget cars like Hindai come across, sometimes even a classic (and if you take a province, it’s exclusively a classic).
    We average the car to a used (think your taxi from the assembly line) Nexia. And we will throw thirty for repair, repair after purchase immediately =) Total <200tr.
    The author clearly overestimated the price, this is far from the middle class =)
    With the cost of gasoline in 20t.r. in principle, we can agree.
    We won’t count the parking lot, it’s superfluous: if an icicle falls, then money can easily be cut down from the housing department (see judicial practice). And the gangster 90s are long gone.
    And we believe that the car for 5 years. After which it will be sold for 50% of the sale price (taking into account possible accidents and car depreciation).
    Costs: 200/5 years (purchase with repair) + 20 (gasoline) + 10 (minor repairs) - 100/5 (sale) +3 (insurance) = 53t.r. in year.
    We consider a taxi: 4 times a day (2 times there / back per day on average) 150 rubles each - already clearly for 200 tons. Moscow is even more expensive.
    And even if you use public transport, it will not be cheaper. Considering the fare of 15-20 rubles for 2 people 2 times in both directions, we get the same 50t.r.
    After buying a car, my family budget became a little freer. I felt it on my own skin. This is not to mention the fact that now you can go at any time and to any place .
    What were the errors of the author of the topic (again subjectively)?
    1) Extremely overpriced cars. Taxis are not like that =)
    2) CASCO for a new expensive car. Cross out or take to our used cheap.
    3) Parking.
    4) The cost of a taxi. When calculating, I took a smaller one, but took into account that I would have to travel more than 1 time there / back.

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