Navitel for iPhone

    Somehow the next news passed by the habrasociety .
    Navitel demonstrated the beta version of the program on iPhone 3G:

    Advantages of Navitel Navigator for iPhone:
    - The most detailed maps of Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus with end-to-end routing are available (the route from Moscow to Kiev via Minsk or Bobruisk is not a problem).
    - Free Navitel service. Traffic jams across the entire cartographic coverage, and not only in the largest cities.
    - Free interactive service Navitel.SMS ("where am I?" / "Where are you?"), With the ability to send your coordinates or request the ordinates of another user, with their display on the map.
    - 3D-models of architectural buildings and three-dimensional road junctions: navigation becomes convenient and intuitive.
    - Support for interchangeable skins, alternative voice prompts.
    - Customizable interface, POI point display filter.
    - Databases SpeedCam (warning of road hazards, radars, security cameras), with the possibility of using alternative data.
    - Ability to download unofficial (amateur) maps of any city or country for free.
    - Support for working with tracks
    ... and much more!

    The preparation of the Navitel Navigator navigation program for iPhone is already at the final stage of development and testing.

    You can discuss the news on the Navitel forum .

    Finally, people who have changed Windows Mobile to iPhone OS will be able to use the best, in my opinion, navigation program.
    Everything slows down on the video, everything is absolutely horrible, but, as the manufacturers promise, by release they should increase the speed of work to an acceptable level.

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