Transferring a call to an internal number

    The operators of our call-center have a program that they use to record calls, topics of conversations, the results of customer consultations and other supporting purposes. The program has a phone book for employees, which is used to record the transfer of customer calls to company employees. That is, if the client asks to transfer him to an employee or department, the operator opens the phone book, presses the "transfer" button opposite the desired employee, then dials the extension number on the telephone and transfers the call. That is, the operator translates manually, and in the telephone directory clicks only to take statistics into account, indicate the topic of the call of the result of the transfer, that is, what can be obtained only from a conversation with the client.

    I would like the translation to be carried out from the telephone directory itself, by clicking on the "transfer" button. Since this is a web application, I see it as follows: when you click on the button, an application is launched on the server that instructs the bosom to transfer the call.

    Naturally, I started by reading the documentation. At the moment, I look towards JTAPI, which in theory allows me to implement what I need. But since I previously came across cisco only in the form of a phone at my workplace, I want to ask the pros for advice, maybe I missed something, are there simpler solutions?

    The company uses this product: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

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