Work in a corporation

    I would like to talk with the habrosociety about who and how, spends most of his life, namely working time. It would be interesting to know if this is something wrong with everyone around, or the controllers in my neural network are buggy. Basically, the entire working population can be divided into two main categories. It is working in small companies, and working in corporations.

    I am a traitor to small business, exchanged it for a warm, comfortable place in a large western corporation almost two years ago. Moreover, as with most implementers, my path was destined. When I introduced the system to this corporation, I did not understand why I constantly stumble upon such an infinite number of barriers and obstacles, and imagined that if I worked in such a warm and comfortable place, I would have done everything wrong, I would have changed here, there and here, etc. etc.

    And here I am!

    And then the crisis came. And in the head office they said that during the crisis it is necessary to save on development, that the criminal situation is increasing, and the only thing to think about is security, and that the main enemy is insiders, and first of all, you need not to develop a business, not automate business processes that generate revenue for the company and allow you to receive new products and scale their sales, and remove employee rights, access, restrict Internet access? to systems, to the database. Moreover, these measures affected everyone, as well as those who do not know how to turn on the computer, and those whose profession is automation, solving incidents that occur during the failure of an IT system.

    We all gradually begin to sink in an endless bureaucracy.

    It seems that everyone abruptly forgot completely what trust is to people-employees-professionals.

    Gentlemen (first of all, those who work in large corporations), and what are your trends that began to emerge after the crisis, where are the forces that used to accomplish great things?

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